Sarah and succulents: San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Sarah and succulents: San Francisco Botanical Gardens

About Sarah

Sarah Derouin is a writer and editor, but first she was a scientist. After getting her doctorate and working as a geologist for almost a decade, she decided that writing and editing were her real passions. She graduated from the University of California- Santa Cruz Science Communication program and has been freelancing ever since.

Sarah has written for Eos, New Scientist, Scientific American, Science, EARTH Magazine, and Mongabay. She was also the 2018-19 Science Communication Fellow for the Geological Society of America.

Beyond writing, Sarah was an Acting Associate Editor for EARTH Magazine for 5 months. She’s also dabbled in fiction editing, helping to fact-check a geology-focused, young adult novel. These days, Sarah is an Assistant Producer on Big Picture Science radio show, broadcast on more than 160 public radio stations.

While Sarah often highlights earth and environmental sciences, she also covers technology, human-environmental connections, and education. From biodegradable electronics, to machine learning, to the maker community, Sarah loves to tell the stories of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Outside of science and technology, Sarah is an avid hockey fan, a wannabe gardener with a semi-green thumb, a coffee aficionado, and a recovering triathlete. Feel free to ask about her rock collection.