Sarah and succulents: San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Sarah and succulents: San Francisco Botanical Gardens

About Sarah

Sarah grew up on a farm on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She spent much of her childhood in quiet wonder growing tomatoes, uncovering crawfish, and collecting the prettiest rocks.

In college and grad school, geology felt like the perfect fit. Sarah received her Ph.D. in glacial geology and geomorphology, completing research right down the road from her family farm.  

After a few years analyzing seismic hazards and a stint in a Community College classroom, Sarah realized that she really loved talking about science and sharing that information with everyone she met. She enrolled in the Science Communication program at UC Santa Cruz, where she interned at the Santa Cruz Sentinel, EosStanford News, and EARTH Magazine. Recently, she joined EARTH Magazine again, where she experienced the other side of science journalism as an Acting Associate Editor.

Now a GSA Communication Fellow, assistant producer at Big Picture Science radio show, and freelance science writer/editor, Sarah writes about changing climate, new technology, volatile volcanoes ... and everything in between. 

Feel free to ask her about her rock collection.