Photo of Sarah

Sarah Derouin

journalist, editor, storyteller


Sarah is simply a joy to work with. Both a true collaborator and at ease working on her own, she is a professional in every sense. Her eye and ear for detail while editing scripts and audio brings scientific accuracy and humane perspective to the radio program. She works quickly, but doesn’t rush. She reads and listens attentively, and her devotion to being thorough means she’s caught calculation errors cited by other scientists in interviews. Maybe it’s that Midwest grit, but somehow Sarah keeps her equanimity when others lose theirs, even under deadline, which is why she is the first person you want in a problem-solving meeting. She is up for trying anything new, which has included some odd field-recording assignments. We suggest trying to get her on the air and make her laugh – she has one of the best laughs in the radio biz!
Molly Bentley
Executive producer and co-host of Big Picture Science radio show
Sarah is a tremendous delight to work with. She is responsive, insightful, and knowledgeable across a broad spectrum of science-related topics. With respect to craft, Sarah’s translational skills are outstanding, and her writing is clear and accessible for nontechnical audiences. Sarah is prompt, resourceful, and experienced, and is an excellent asset to our team at the Geological Society of America.
Justin Samuel
Director of Marketing and Communications at Geological Society of America
I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah as both her editor and her colleague. As her editor, I had an easy job: Sarah's work was always well researched, well reported, well written and on time. Nothing makes an editor happier than that. But she also brings vast scientific experience to the table, which informs her work and ensures her science is sound. I never had to worry about her getting anything wrong. As Sarah's colleague, I found her to be forthcoming and kind as she worked with me, helped me learn something new and provided excellent feedback. She's whip smart, friendly and a pleasure to work with.
Megan Sever
Owner and Editor of Gneiss Editing, former Editor of EARTH Magazine